City of Derry Airport (CoDA) – Delighted to have had a private tour of this award winning airport last week. Had a most productive meeting with executives Brenda Morgan MBE Maressa McWilliams discussing this gateway to the world including 3x daily flights to and from Heathrow London Terminal 2. Impressed by the small intimate feel and level of customer service giving a commitment to seamless travel.

This airport is only 35 minutes to Portrush; 10 minutes to the second largest city in the north and a hop and a skip to the world’s top ranked golf courses in Donegal. (This region was voted by Lonely Planet in the top 5 “must visit” world destinations for 2023.)

Key benefits of choosing CoDA in the North West of Ireland.

1. Convenient Connectivity: Enjoy easy access with 3 daily flights to Heathrow Terminal 2, ensuring well-connected travel options, to and from USA for example: a) United Airlines fly New York to Heathrow terminal b) Qantas fly non-stop from Perth, Australia to Heathrow, London.

2. Time Efficiency: Streamlined processes, small airport and efficient services save valuable time for busy travelers.

3. Regional Access: As a key hub in the North West region of Ireland, CoDA provides a gateway to the stunning landscapes and attractions of the region.

4. Customer-Focused Services: A commitment to passenger satisfaction with friendly staff and personalised services.

5. Modern Facilities: Modern infrastructure enhances the overall travel experience. Tourist information kiosks on arrival and at the exit doors.

6. Community Impact: Supporting the local economy and fostering regional growth.

7. Scenic Takeoffs and Landings: Enjoy picturesque views when departing and arriving at the airport.

8. Reliability: Consistent and reliable flight schedules contribute to stress-free travel.

9. Ease of travel for persons with reduced mobility: Ranked one of the top UK airports for providing service excellence for passengers with reduced mobility.

**There are also comprehensive facilities for private jets **

Only 35 minutes drive to my home in Portrush – looking forward to welcoming golfers and tour guests into this airport and continue to open up the North West of Ireland.

Choose City of Derry Airport for a seamless and enjoyable journey! Where the Causeway Coast meets the Wild Atlantic Way.
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